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Submitting a visual config
1.0) Visuals should not be similar to already existing ones on the website, with one exception, that is default Null Core's menu color scheme.
1.1) It's highly recommended to fill all the fields when submitting a visual config. This affects the time spent reviewing the visual config.
1.2) Submitted visual configs through the uploading page have a higher priority than configs sent directly to the developer / public telegram chat.
1.3) As LA/TOS of NCL says - "NCL has not reviewed all of the websites linked to its website and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked website. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by NCL. Use of any such linked website is at the user's own risk."
1.4) If You (User) have skyboxes You would like to add with Your uploaded visual config, You must provide the skyboxes in "Additional Information" field by putting a link (You must follow the 2.3) or uploading them in public telegram chat after submitting a visual config.
1.5) By clicking "Submit" button at submit page You agree with NVV that You will provide Your IP address. Your IP address is stored privately and is used only in case of suspension. This apply only to the submit page on the website.
1.6) NVV appreciates the honesty and decency of a user. Therefore, NVV do not welcome indecent names of visual configs or their description. This behavior can lead to suspending Your IP from using our services.
1.7) When your visual config is under review, your visual config description / name might be changed without your notice. This is done to avoid your own suspension from our services. Your visual config name will be set to "NC Visual Config" without description if it was included previously. By 1.6 NVV has a right to deny or suspend any user who has submitted a visual config that includes rude / swear names / description.

2.0) Any kind of attempt to bypass upload/submit system (Spamming, using scripts to automatically upload more than one visual config at the time, 3rd party web-bots, custom crawlers) will be considered as a threat to the website and it's services, resulting in Your, or, a threats IP permanently suspended from using our services. If You cannot access the website or You think You were denied / suspended from using our services was a mistake, You can always reach out NVV at Telegram.
2.1) This is not an advertising website. Unfairly trying to claim someone's visual configs or will result in a denial and in some cases - suspension.
2.2) You are allowed to put your own screenshots and skyboxes of the game with visuals You are uploading (or screenshots of any skybox) in "Additional Information" field from trusted resources (such as GameBanana, Imgur, Pastebin, Discord, Google, Flickr). If not, this will result in denial.
2.3) Usernames deemed inappropriate by NVV may be permanently or temporarily banned. This applies to all existing or subsequent users of the website. In some cases the blocking process may occur during the publication of a visual config resulting in the appearance of a banned user on a website page. Previously uploaded visual configs by that user will remain on the website but the user will no longer be able to upload configs under his username. In most cases this will not happen since any user who does not comply with 1.6 will be suspended from using our services.

3.0) Any kind of attempt to spam download links or abuse download counter of the visual configs may result in suspension of Yours or threats IP address.


Q: I want to upload my visuals, how do I do it?
A: You can submit your own config at main page, by clicking "Submit Visual Config"
Q: My game crashes when I'm trying to import a downloaded visual config, is the file corrupted?
A: It's a common thing that happens when you try to import a Null Core visual config. Most of the times after restarting the game it imports just fine, however, if your game keeps crashing after couple more attempts, you should report a downloaded file from our website to our GitHub or Telegram so we could check if the file trully corrupted or not
Q: Someone just submitted my own visuals I made without me knowing, what can I do?
A: Unfortunately, NVV cannot help with such scenario case. Once config is uploaded on the website, it has a right to stay under uploaders name.
Q: I submitted my visual config / mod and it still didn't appear on the website. Why?
A: To verify / upload your visual config it can take from 1 to 6 working days. If it did not appear after, You can consider it was denied. Or you can always message us here
Q: What contacts I can leave when I am submitting my config?
A: As our TOS says - You can only leave your steam account. If you have uploaded your visual config under different steam account while having your visual configs submitted before, it will be updated to the latest steam URL you've given
Q: I want to know where or at what state my visual config is. Can I?
A: Yes, you can. There's no real track system behind so such question can be answered at public telegram chat
Q: I wanna help with the project development and I have cool ideas I can share! Is there any options?
A: Of course. Your suggestions will be listened at our public telegram chat or at GitHub
Q: Why this website exists when I can make my own visuals and my friends have a lot of their own?
A: NVV understands that there are people who has been using Null Core for a long time. But there are also new people to that software which usually get lost when it comes to making their own visual config. It's also helpful if your account was reset or when you just want to try out other visual configs or take some of visual configs to base your own visual config on it
Q: What does the colors and effects of the uploader's name represent?
A: This represents how much a person contributed to the website. Here's list of colors -
- For contributing to the project on telegram or GitHub - Greenish color and badge
- 2 uploaded configs - Dark blue color
- 4 uploaded configs - Special effect
- 5 uploaded configs - Special effect
- 6 uploaded configs - Special effect
- 7 uploaded configs - Special effect and badge
- 8 uploaded configs - Special effect and badge
- 10 uploaded configs - Special effect and badge